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We are excited to introduce our “Where We Belong” campaign to kick off homecoming week! See our video featuring familiar faces that celebrates the great staff and students in our school district. This collaboration is supported by the Grinnell Newburg School Foundation and the Grinnell League of Women Voters. Follow along for more stories of belonging!

The Grinnell-Newburg School Foundation begins each year by looking back, reflecting on the initiatives we funded and the impact of our leadership on the lives of our educators and students. Doing so helps drive our priorities in the coming year and challenges us to build on our efforts to enhance education.


For example, the school district implemented an after-school homework help program to assist students who need a little extra attention. However, transportation home was an obstacle for some students. GNSF is collaborating with invested educators to fund a pilot program to provide transportation outside of the normal busing options.  This program launches in September, and we are so proud to pair our donor funding with a transformative idea to remove barriers to success and to meet needs.


Meeting needs is why GNSF exists. In addition to our mainstay funding priorities such as mini-grants, new educator grants, and reimbursements to teachers who pay for classroom expenses out of their own pockets, this past school year we also:

Funded teacher excellence

  • Investing in professional development for teachers promotes retention and classroom excellence. The National Board Teacher Certification program is a rigorous, reflective process that helps teachers become the best at what they do. GNSF offered grants for teachers to assist with the initial costs of the program.

Worked toward equalizing online access throughout the District

  • We continued to work with local communications providers to offer wireless connections to families unable to afford it. Our digital equity strategy has become a core component of our mission.

Knocked down barriers tostudent involvement

  • Equal access to activities is essential for a vibrant, thriving student body. GNSF is leading the way to provide equity for all students who wish to participate fully in school-related opportunities. Last year the Foundation provided funds for students to participate in activities that were financially out of reach.

The Grinnell-Newburg School Foundation, supported by our family of generous donors like you, makes a concrete difference in the lives of our district’s children. Looking forward, we know we’ll continue to provide leadership to fill the gap to ensure excellence in our classrooms and success for our students. How far will our impact go? You decide with your contribution today!


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