Grinnell Newburg School Foundation Invites You to Join Our Family

Our Grinnell community is different – 9,320 people of different backgrounds, with different ways of life, different faiths and different opinions. Yet our roots are here, deepening every day. We are one family. And like any family, we want the best for our kids.

That sentiment lies at the heart of the Grinnell Newburg School Foundation’s inaugural membership drive: our community coming together as a family, laying the bedrock for our children’s lifelong success by creating opportunities for them to excel.

GNSF has created opportunities for our school children since we began in 2006…we raised money for a Steinway grand piano that graces the stage of the high school auditorium. We funded iPads for elementary school classrooms, purchased robots to encourage middle school students to learn computer programming and coding, and sponsored a composer to write choral music for a collaboration between the sixth grade and high school choirs. We also helped to ensure the safety of our children through last year’s Safety & Security Campaign, which helped to secure our school buildings and allow for better communication with our community’s first responders.

Still, we recognize that schools provide more than just educational opportunities. Grinnell schools are essential to our children’s social and emotional health. GNSF has paid to train therapy dogs at the high school; we have subsidized music therapy for at-risk students throughout the district; and, we have paid for teachers to learn mindfulness techniques and apply them to classrooms in the lower elementary schools. As COVID-19 upended all our lives, we pooled community resources to provide Internet access to students so that they could finish out the school year virtually.

$1000+ Donation
Sponsors a mini-grant
$500 Donation
Sponsors a student-led project
$250 Donation
Supports a new teacher’s classroom
$100 Donation
Reimburses a teacher for classroom supplies annually
$50 Donation
Supports our ongoing projects