Grinnell-Newburg School Foundation (GNSF) Scoring Rubric

GNFS Scoring Rubric DescriptionsPoints
1. The proposal is supported by a district administrator and/or technology director and aligns with CSIP and Building goals.Required (Cover Sheet)
2. The need for the grant is clear, convincing and research-based, and the grant is likely to have a significant impact on student success.25 (Questions 1 & 4)
3. The grant demonstrates seamless transition with the curriculum in grades above and below.10 (Question 3)
4. The grant is innovative. *The grant represents a new idea or significant further development of an existing project or program and is clearly an enhancement to the district, rather than a core function or program.20 (Question 2)
5. The evaluation plan is clearly described and is appropriate to the grant.15 (Question 5)
6. The grant is a collaborative effort.10 (Question 2)
7. The budget is realistic15 (Budget Section)
8. The grant is sustainable and has potential for continuation beyond the life of the grant.5 (Question 6)

Final Step:

Please print cover pageproject description sheet, and budget worksheet and give to your principal.  Remember, grants that include a technology request must also be reviewed and signed by the District Technology Director before submission to your principal.

Within a month of project completion please complete the GNSF Evaluation Form.  Thank you!